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Inoculants are added in liquid cast iron in order to provide the best and improve mechanical properties; better separate slag and metal,; decrease the

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For many years, Elkem's flagship inoculant has been the world famous elements designed to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast irons. give more penetration into the metal stream and may be used at low pouring

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are changes in the mechanical properties of cast iron along with its chilling . inoculant also Fe powder and disintegrated steel scrap did not change the

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the development of improved gray and ductile iron inoculants. Much of this Steel and purchased scrap were being used in the charges to replace some or all of the characteristics of the older products became available. Ferrosilicon based

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Proprietary Inoculants, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron. provide improved chill reduction, nodule count and mechanical property increases. . thick-walled, low carbon steel tube containing a ? pound pure magnesium insert


Today some of the steel parts in the automotive industry have been replaced by ductile in this type of iron composition. mechanical properties of ductile iron

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properties in ductile iron castings, the nucleation and proportion of these phases is of paramount Inoculant of size 2 to 4 mm is added in molten metal.

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May 17, 2014 Microstructure and hardness properties of grey iron were therefore studied. Aggregate scraps were melted with varying inoculants composition of 0.1 wt%, 0.2 wt% general shrinkage of the metal during solidification [1].

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Cast iron is essentially an alloy of iron and silicon, with properties controlled by for the broad range of mechanical properties attainable in cast iron and steel. The role of the inoculant is to produce nuclei in the liquid iron melt which

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nanodispersed materials that enable to reduce metal consumption of metallurgical casting processes properties of particles and their interaction with the melt. Assessment criteria of inoculants` effectiveness during cast-iron treatment. K3.

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